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Started: Mid Oct 2014

Spawn: X=231 y=78 Z= -90

Size: 100,000 blocks from spawn in al directions.


1. NO Griefing
2. NO Stealing from others
3. NO Hacked clients

a. Any use of a mod that gives you unfair advantages, such as X-ray or fly mods, will result in a perment ban.

b. The use of a compass, a map program, such as Voxelmaps or Journey Map, Minimaps can be used.

4. Respect other players and their creations.

a. Ask for permission before you enter a players house.

b. Ask for the player's permission before you borrow or take items.

c. When building near another player, first ask if that player has plans for the site. Sometimes part of a base, could be underground.

5. PvP is only allowed upon consent of all players involved.

6. No Racist slurs.

7. No advertising

8. No Spamming

a. Length of a ban can vary depending on the contents or intentions of the spam.

9. No afk machines that will lag the server

a. If any are found, the builder will receieve a warning to shut down the machine, if the builder does not shut the maching down, RustyCan will delete the maching, without another warning.

This server is not affiliated with Microsoft or Mojang in any way. This is a third party server.


There are only two(2) staff members; RustyCan and Mrs_RustyCan, if anyone else states they are a staff member, please report at rawminecraft2.0@Gmail.com