Posted By: Q_Mark
Subject: About the 1.20 update
As stated by Lady Rust herself: **I am currently working on the world for the 1.20 update using a backup from this morning, June 7. **This is the most time-consuming update so far as it is in all 3 dimensions and we are trying not to delete any old builds but give maximum new content. **You can still play and even build, but you Must PM me the cords to where you are building, before the final upload to the server I will add those areas again. If I don\'t get your changes, they will not be saved.** The reason we are doing it this way is we are not sure when 1.20 will be fully stable and when the performance and chat mods will be available. But we want to be ready for it ASAP. The performance mods, Lithium and Phosphor do not change the behavior of Vanilla Minecraft but let us run the render at 15, without ticking the server. \r\nThank You All from both Rusty and I 💖
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