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From Mrs_Rustycan: I have an announcement to make about the server. Over the past two weeks, we have been going back and forth with a problem on the Host Company\'s side. It explains the outages and other glitches. Even Auto Backups which we pay extra for have not been saved. The actual Machine our server is run from is having hardware and software problems. They suggest that the fix is to transfer us to another node or so they hope it will do it. Our numeric IP Address will change, however, the subdomain, **** will remain the same. Once the transfer is started they say it **\"may take a few hours to go into effect as we\'d have to wait on the DNS to update\"**\r\nI realize some of you need to connect using the Numeric IP Address because of your IPS company. As soon as I get the New Numeric IP Address I will post it here. and in Announcements. Rusty said he will add it to the website as soon as he can. I don\'t know when they will start, I just texted them that we agreed to try it.
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I just got the new Numeric IP Address for the Server from the hosting company, it is

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